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Projecting Safety Signs

Projecting sign are ideal for corridors or where signs need to be viewed from several directions, to ensure the best chance of staff and visitors in the area viewing the sign in the event of a fire or emergency. Our projecting sign offers a solution to viewing angles compared to the standard signs which are not always suitable for use in areas such as corridors or long rooms. Projecting the sign out from the wall ensures all building occupants can clearly see this sign to inform them of the potential hazard in the area.

This sign is designed to mount perpendicular to the wall, allowing the V shape of the sign to be visible from 180 degrees. Material options of white rigid PVC or Luminous rigid PVC (depending on the sign). All our projecting signs are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, 300mm Wide x 400mm High and come complete with a 5 year manufactures warranty.

All our projecting signs are supplied undrilled. We would recommended to use Silicone Adhesive or screw fixings to attach the signs to the wall.