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ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers

Powder Fire Extinguishers Powder Fire Extinguishers are often referred to as a “Multi Purpose” extinguisher due to their versatility as they can be used on Class A,B,C & Electrical Fires.

How Do Powder Extinguishers Extinguish Fires?

ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers work by smothering the fire in a layer of powder, therefore eliminating the source of oxygen which means the fire can no longer burn.

Where are Powder Extinguishers most suitable for use?

ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers are very popular for Homes, Flats, Cars, Caravans, HGV’s, Boats, Factories & Warehouses.

The Small 1 & 2 KG extinguishers are ideal for use in Kitchens, Cars and Caravans as they are small and compact. Both of these extinguishers are supplied with a mounting bracket which makes installation and use extremely easy.

The larger powder extinguishers 6 or 9 Kg are ideal for larger areas or vehicles such as offices, factories, warehouses or larger trucks.

How Do You Identify a Powder Fire Extinguisher?

Powder Colour Code ABC Powder Fire Extinguishers that are complaint to BS EN3 should have a red body and a blue label across the top with white wording "Powder", as seen in the to the left and above in the images.

Older Powder fire extinguishers were manufactured with a completely blue body. The standards were changed and any powder extinguishers with a completely blue body body no longer meet British Standards and should be replaced.

Powder fire extinguishers that are manufactured to BS EN 3 should have a red body (Colour: RAL 3000) and a blue band covering 5-10% of the fire extinguishers surface area.

What Types of Fire are Powder Fire Extinguisher Suitable For?

Powder fire extinguishers are often refered to as the Multi-Purpose extinguisher as they are extremelly versatile. They can be used on most fire types. The below image shows the types of fire they are suitable for use on.
Powder Class Types

How to use a Powder Fire Extinguisher:

The below video is a guide on how to use a powder fire extinguisher.

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