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Water Fire Extinguishers

Water Fire Extinguishers are a useful and cost-effective way to put out Class A Fires that involve materials such as paper, wood & textiles.

Material Fires are the most common form of fires making the Water Fire Extinguishers a must for anywhere that has the potential for a fire.

How do Water Extinguishers work?

Water and Water Additive Fire Extinguishers work by spraying a jet of water at the fire, which extinguishes the flames and the burning materials, preventing the fire re-igniting.

Where are Water Extinguishers most suitable for use?

Water Fire Extinguishers are an essential piece of fire equipment for Offices, Workshops, Homes, Caravans & Flats. Anywhere with excessive quantities of paper & Wood where a small spark could ignite the whole place in a few moments.

The 3 Ltr Water with additive is a perfect addition to your car as it is small and easily stored, under a seat or in the boot.

Water Fire Extinguishers–Suitable/Not Suitable for use on the below classes/types of fires:

Water Fire Extinguisher Uses

Identifying a Water Fire Extinguisher

Water Fire Extinguishers are easily identifiable by their Red Label, as seen in the below image. There main body should be Red, to conform with British Standards, and they should have a Large Red Banner across the top on the front of the extinguisher with White writing stating "Water".

Water fire extinguishers that are manufactured to BS EN 3 should have a red body (RAL 3000) and a red band.

How to use a Water Fire Extinguisher:

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