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FireAngel HT-630T- 10 Year Thermistek He

FireAngel HT-630T - 10 Year Thermistek Heat Alarm

Product Code: HT-630T

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FireAngel HT-630T- 10 Year Thermistek Heat Alarm Key Features

  • DISCOUNTED ITEM: This product has a replacement date of Nov 2026
  • 10yr sealed for life battery.
  • Single button provides ‘test’ and ‘silence’ function.
  • Optional locking mechanism on installation.
  • Class A1 fire detection (54°C - 65°C).
  • Sound Output: Loud 85dB Alarm at 3 metres.

Product Information

The FireAngel HT-630T 10 year battery powered Thermistek heat alarm is ideal for areas where smoke detection cannot be used. Suitable for use in Garages, Lofts and areas where there are High Ambient Temperatures, high humidity or Dusty and Dirty Environments.

Thermistek Technology is designed to make the alarm response quicker to fast flaming fires offering the fastest possible detection complete with a 85Db sounder. By constantly monitoring for temperature change the HT-630T will sound the alarm earlier if it predicts that the temperature will rise to a predetermined fresh hold,

A 10 year sealed for life battery and 5 year warranty offers complete peace of mind and the simple to use Test and Silence functions are ideal for any homeowner in need of Heat Detection.

Where to Locate

For the best protection heat alarms should always be installed as part of a complete fire protection system that also includes smoke alarms. Heat alarms are best suited to areas where dust, fumes and moisture can cause nuisance alarms in smoke alarms, such as: 

  • Boiler Rooms 
  • Kitchens
  • Laundry Rooms
  • Lofts
  • Garages

Technical Details

Manufacturer: FireAngel
Product Code: HT-630T
Approved To: Third party certified to BS 5446-2:2003 by BSi
Sound Output: Loud 85dB Alarm at 3 metres
Operating Temperature Range: Class A1, 54°C - 65°C
Operating Humidity Range: Up to 90% RH% non-condensing
Manufacturers Warranty Period: 10 Years

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