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FireAngel FS1524W2-T Smart RF Control Un

FireAngel FS1524W2-T Wireless Test, Silence, Locate Control Unit for Smart RF Devices with 10 Year Sealed Lithium Battery

Product Code: FS1524W2-T

Customer Rating: 5 stars

FireAngel FS1524W2-T Smart RF Control Unit Key Features

  • Smart RF - Remote interface between up to 49 other interlinked FireAngel Smart RF devices, including the FireAngel Connect Gateway (also compatible with Wi-Safe 2 products)
  • Wireless interlink technology built-in (does not require a separate Smart RF module for this product)
  • Sealed for life 10 year lithium battery
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty
  • Test, silence and locate triggered units from one central location
  • Separate fire and carbon monoxide indicators, making it easy to differentiate between causes of system activation
  • Memory function - when a device has previously gone into alarm, the relevant indicator on the unit will flash every 10 seconds
  • Connect wirelessly to the network with a simple 2 button process
  • Optional tamper proof function locks the unit securely to its base
  • Unit can be removed from its bracket and carried around the property (if the tamper proof function has not been used) to facilitate testing and locating devices

Product Information

The FireAngel FS1524W2-T is the control unit for your Smart RF wireless alarm system (also compatible with Wi-Safe 2 products), powered by a 10 year tamper-proof sealed for life battery. It can be added to the network wirelessly through a simple 2 button process, and offers a central location from which you can test, silence, or locate triggered devices on the system. With separate indicators for fire and carbon monoxide, it is easy to distinguish the nature of any activation at a glance.

The test function causes all alarms on the network to sound for 3 minutes, eliminating the need to walk to each individual device and press the test button on that unit. 

Using the silence function, it is possible to temporarily silence the alarms in the case of a known false fire activation, however if the level of smoke or heat detected are very high, this feature will be overridden for your safety and the alarm will continue to sound. Please note that the silence function cannot be used in the event of carbon monoxide being detected. 

The locate function enables all alarms to be silenced apart from the unit that triggered the activation, allowing the area in which a problem has been detected to be found swiftly. 

There is a also a memory function, whereby the relevant fire or carbon monoxide indicator on the control unit will flash every 10 seconds if there has been a previous alarm event.

This product can be removed from its base and carried around the property, which facilitates testing and locating devices in alarm. Should the device need to be secured in one place, there is optional tamper proofing which can be utilised to lock the unit securely in its bracket and prevent removal.

This product is approved to ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.3.2 (2010-02), EN300489-1 &-3, EN300220-2 - Radio and BS EN 60065: 2002. The manufacturer warranty period is 5 years.

How to connect the FireAngel Control Unit to your system

Pack Contents

  • Wall Fixings
  • Instruction Manual

Compatible Devices

The below devices are compatible with the FireAngel FS1524W2-T Control Unit:

Model Number  Model Type Interconnection Type 
FS2126-T Battery Smoke Alarm Wireless (requires FS1521W2-T Smart RF plugin module)
SM-SN-1 Mains Smoke Alarm Wireless (requires FS1521W2-T Smart RF plugin module)
FS1226-T Battery Heat Alarm Wireless (requires FS1521W2-T Smart RF plugin module)
HM-SN-1 Mains Heat Alarm Wireless (requires FS1521W2-T Smart RF plugin module)
FS1326-T Battery CO Alarm Wireless (requires FS1521W2-T Smart RF plugin module)
FS1552W2-T Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad Wireless (no module required)
WST-630 Battery Smoke Alarm Wireless (no module required)
WHT-630 Battery Heat Alarm Wireless (no module required)
W2-SVP-630 Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad Wireless (no module required)

Technical Details

Manufacturer: FireAngel
Product Code: FS1524W2-T
Supply Voltage: 10 year sealed lithium battery
Technology: Smart RF
Installation Positions: Wall, portable
Operating Temperature: +4℃ to +38℃
Operating Humidity: Up to 90% RH non-condensing
Storage Temperature: -20℃ to +60℃
Storage Humidity: Up to 93% RH non condensing
Plastic Material: ABS - UL94 V0 flame retardant
Warranty: 5 years
Approvals: CE / ETSI EN 300 220-2 V2.3.2 (2010-02)
EN300489-1 &-3
EN300220-2 - Radio 
BS EN 60065: 2002
Operating Frequency: 868MHz
Max No. of Connected Units: 50 wireless units
Networking: Multi-directional communication
Range: 35m (over 200m in clear air)
Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm x 22.5mm

Customer Reviews

  • from Milngavie Rating:5 stars

    Good idea to be able to test and silence from one location. Not sure how effective at isolating source of actual smoke event as fortunately that has not occurred as yet. Tests from this unit are recorded through the Gateway if installed but tests from individual units do not seem to appear on Gateway reports.

  • from Nr Edinburgh Rating:5 stars

    I would echo the other reviews. I don't know how much use it will actually be but nice to have a central point to kill the alarms when you burn the toast. Useful to carry out regular tests too.

  • from Inverness-shire Rating:5 stars

    Bought this to provide easy testing locating and silencing of alarms I fitted to comply with new Scottish requirements. So much more convenient than using the test feature on alarm. Provides central testing but also indicates problems such as removal of alarms from their base. Well worth the extra cost, especially if accidently setting off alarms as they're all linked now in quite a small house and deafening.

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