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Aico RadioLINK Wireless Fire Alarm System

Aico RadioLINK Systems

RadioLINK Wireless Interconnection - the next step in the evolution of alarm connectivity

Aico's RadioLINK wireless interconnection technology uses radio frequency (RF) signals to wirelessly link your Aico alarms together with additional functionality. Interconnected alarms are vital so that occupants can hear an alarm warning throughout a property, but the technology can now do so much more including whole system data extraction and monitoring.
The Aico RadioLINK products are also compatible to connect wirelessly with Aico SmartLINK products.

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Built-in RadioLINK devices 

Some alarms such as the Ei650RF and Ei603RF (all products without 'Optional' under the Wireless icon) have RadioLINK+ technology built-in so you can interconnect these devices without the need for additional wireless equipment (such as a radio module or base)
Optional RadioLINK devices 

Some devices such as the mains powered Ei140 alarm range (Ei141RC, Ei146RC and Ei144RC) require the use of the Ei168RC RadioLINK alarm base to enable wireless interconnection but these devices can be interlinked using a hard-wire connection. Any product with 'Optional' under the Wireless icon will require an additional product for wireless connectivity.

Aico RadioLINK Product Range

With a whole range of different sensors, call points, test switches and accessories, the RadioLINK product range offers a smart solution for every situation:

For the easiest and quickest way to link alarms, insist on RadioLINK!

Why install Aico RadioLINK?

  • No interconnect cables - All alarms are linked by radio signals.
  • Easi-Fit Base so no seperate connector blocks needed.
  • Easy to link alarms together with push buton "House Code" set up.
  • Proven quality - tried and tested in thousands of installations.

How Does The Aico RadioLINK Fire Alarm System Work?


1: A Fire starts in an upstairs room in your premises. The fire is then detected by the Aico RadioLINK detector in that room (or a RadioLINK call point is used by a occupant of the premises) .
2: The RadioLINK base sends out a radio frequency signal too all the other radioLINK detectors within the house.
3: All other RadioLINK detectors and alarms within the premises will sound, warning of a fire within the premises.