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Aico RadioLINK Wireless Fire and Smoke Alarm Systems

Aico Aico RadioLink Fire Alarm Systems are ideal for social or rented properties and is considered to be the complete solution to British Standard (BS) 5839: part 6: 2004.

All devices on a RadioLINK System are connected via radio frequency instead of cabling, which enables installers to save on installation and labour costs.

What Is Aico RadioLINK?

RadioLINK is a way of interconnecting alarms together without having to run wiring between them. It uses RF signals instead.

How Does it Work?

If an alarm is triggered it will sound. It will also send out a RadioLINK RF signal to the other alarms in the property and they will sound as well.

For the easiest and quickest way to link alarms, insist on RadioLINK!

Why install Aico RadioLINK?

  • No interconnect cables - All alarms are linked by radio signals.
  • Easi-Fit Base so no seperate connector blocks needed.
  • Easy to link alarms together with push buton "House Code" set up.
  • Proven quality - tried and tested in thousands of installations.

How Does The Aico RadioLINK Fire Alarm System Work?


1: A Fire starts in an upstairs room in your premises. The fire is then detected by the Aico RadioLINK detector in that room (or a RadioLINK call point is used by a occupant of the premises) .
2: The RadioLINK base sends out a radio frequency signal too all the other radioLINK detectors within the house.
3: All other RadioLINK detectors and alarms within the premises will sound, warning of a fire within the premises.