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Honeywell X-Series Longlife Battery Alarms

Honeywell X-Series Systems

Create an interconnected system with Honeywell X-Series

The Honeywell X-Series smoke, heat and CO alarms have been engineered for ultimate performance and reliability. Featuring sealed longlife batteries which are tamper-proof and full lifetime warranties. A discrete low profile design and easy installation, along with optional wireless interconnectivity they are ideal for professionals and safety conscious homeowners who need high performance fire and CO detection.

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Easily connect your X-Series alarms with the XW100 Module 

By installing an XW100 module into each X-Series alarm you can seamlessly connect your smoke, heat and carbon monoxide alarms to create a smart synchronised system of up to 32 devices. Once interlinked, when one alarm is activated all connected devices will sound providing a full scale warning throughout your property to offer the highest level of protection from Fire and CO.

Honeywell X-Series Product Range

Offering a range of different sensors: Smoke, Heat, Thermally Enhanced Smoke and Carbon Monoxide, the Honeywell X-Series range offers protection for your whole property:

How to Interlink X-Series Alarms

In order to interlink your X-Series smoke, heat and CO alarms, you will need an XW100 Wireless Module for each alarm, which simply plugs into the back of each unit.
Once installed you can proceed to setup your system, follow the steps in the video guide below: