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Kidde REMTH Firex Wired Remote Control With Test & Hush

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Kidde REMTH Firex Wired Remote Control With Test & Hush Key Features

  • 230v mains powered switch.
  • Also Known as the AL-TH.
  • Compliant to BS 5839 Part 6 Grade D.
  • CE Marked.
  • One-Man Test facility.
  • Compatible interconnection with the Kidde Firex & Slick series of alarms.
  • Test & Hush Functionalities.
  • Free standing for multiple flat surfaces..
  • LED display.
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Supplied with fittings..

Product Information

About the Kidde REMTH:

The Kidde REMTH 230v mains powered remote control switch designed for use with the Kidde Firex & Slick product range designed to both test the detection system and hush unwanted alarms.

Test Facility:

 The REMTH offers an extremely simple test facility, allowing you to easily complete weekly testing:

  • Press once- Alarms will sound for 10 seconds, testing all interconnected alarms ensuring they are activating as they should.
  • Press and hold the test button for 3 seconds- Alarms will stay on constant, until you press the button again.
  • Press again - By pressing the test button again automatically resets all of the interconnected alarms. 

Hush/Locate Facility:

The Hush/Locate Facility allows users to locate the devices on the system which have detected fire or silence the systems sounders.

Pressing the Hush button will reduce sensitivity to all interconnected alarms, for 10 minutes and will then automatically reset.

  • Press once- Alarms that have not detected fire will silence. Allowing you to locate the alarm/area which has been activated therefore locating the source of fire. The alarms will auto reset in 8 to 15 minutes.
  • Press again- Allows you to manual re-set the entire system.

LED Displays Red Or Green:

The colour change is depending on the status;

  • Green: mains healthy 
  • Red: test, hush or locate


Technical Details

Manufacturer: Kidde
Product Code: REMTH
Product Weight: 58g
Dimensions: 87 x 87 x 15mm
Power Supply: 230v Mains Power
Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC to 40ºC
Operating Humidity Range: Up to 93% relative
Warranty: 6 Years
Compatible With: * KF1/KF1R
* KF2/KF2R
* KF3/KF3R

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