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Natural Gas Detectors

Natural Gas is one of the safest forms of energy in use today, which is why it is used is many households, but it can be deadly. Natural Gas is primarily made up of methane (CH4) and will rise due to the fact that it is lighter than air.

Natural Gas Detectors provide early indication to the presence of ‘dangerous levels’ of natural gas giving the building’s occupants ample warning and preventing a potentially dangerous situation.

It is easy for natural gas to leak into the property, from either a blown pilot light or a damaged gas pipe. Human exposure to incredibly high levels of natural gas can cause headaches, nausea, irregular breathing and fatigue due to a lack of oxygen and when introduced to a spark or flame will cause a fire or explosion.

Do not ignore any warning from your Natural Gas Alarm! Vacate the property and immediately call the UK Gas Emergency Service Helpline 0800 111 999.