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Camping & Caravan Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Camping and Caravanning holidays are great fun for all ages but they do have their fair share of hazards (and we don't mean the British weather!).

Have you ever considered the danger Carbon Monoxide (CO) poses to you and your family on a camping and caravanning trip?

Fuel-burning equipment such as camping stoves, camping heaters, lanterns, and BBQ’s are all potential sources of Carbon Monoxide and should never be used or stored inside a tent, caravan, or other enclosed shelter, ensuring they are kept well away from sleeping areas.

If you are planning on Camping or Caravanning it is vital you have an audible CO Detector & Alarm. The below CO Detectors are either National Caravan Council (NCC) approved or comply to the latest BSI testing standard: EN50291.2010 Part 1 and 2 (boats and caravans).

NCC Approved Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Ideal for Camping and Caravanning Holidays

Carbon Monoxide is Odourless, Tasteless & Colourless, making it almost impossible to detect with human senses alone, and there has been many a tragic story on camping sites in 2012 alone.

There have been cases of people asleep in their tent with a BBQ alight outside nearby. The BBQ has filled the tent with the deadly gas injuring or killing the sleeping person in the tent.

The above range of carbon monoxide detectors are National Caravan Council approved and ideal for use in both caravans and camping.


For more information visit The National Caravan Council Website.