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Carbon Monoxide (CO) - Help, Advice & Frequently Asked Questions

It amazes us that so many people are still unaware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide. We’ve built this resource section to answer common questions and raise the awareness of Carbon Monoxide and how dangerous it can be. We will continue to build it to ensure we offer the most up-to-date information available. If you have any questions regarding Carbon Monoxide that aren’t answered, please feel free to contact us.

What is Carbon Monoxide and what produces it?

Carbon Monoxide is a highly toxic gas, made up of carbon and oxygen. Learn more about what Carbon Monoxide is, how this dangerous colourless and odour-free gas is produced and what sources it comes from.

How does Carbon Monoxide affect the body?

Carbon monoxide (CO) is extremely dangerous. In most cases it can make you very ill but if it goes undetected it can kill you. 30 to 50 deaths could be prevented each year if people were more aware of this danger.

List of UK Carbon Monoxide Charities

In the UK we have a large number of charities that are focused on making the public aware of how dangerous Carbon Monoxide is. We have compiled a list of these charities with their contact information.

How to prevent Carbon Monoxide leaks

A simple guide on preventing Carbon Monoxide leaks. We have outlined nearly all the sources of Carbon Monoxide and provide useful information on what to look for and how to prevent leaks.

What's the best way to check Carbon Monoxide levels?

Carbon Monoxide can't be seen and it doesn't smell. It can only be detected with special equipment. Here is a list of equipment that can be used to detect levels of Carbon Monoxide.

What are Carbon Monoxide Detectors?

Carbon Monoxide Detectors come in all shapes and sizes. Over the years people have invented clever ways to detect Carbon Monoxide, from Semiconductors through to Bio-mimetic devices.

How and where to install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

One of most common questions we get asked is how to install a detector and where does it need to placed to be most effective.

What are the carbon monoxide detector building regulations?

In October 2010 building regulations included the use of Carbon Monoxide Detector. The new regulations specify when Carbon Monoxide Detectors should be installed and minimum compliance information.

Technical Booklet L - CO Alarms Mandatory in Northern Ireland

From the 31st October 2012 Technical Booklet L will come into operation and make carbon monoxide alarms a legal requirement in Northern Ireland.