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Nittan EV-MINI-I/P Mini Input Module

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Nittan EV-MINI-I/P Mini Input Module Key Features

  • Monitors multiple normally open contacts
  • Identifies and communicates the status of monitored contacts and wiring to the Evolution CIE
  • Contains an output for an external LED (not supplied). As a status indicator, the LED lights when the monitored contact (normally off) switches to an active state
  • Housing, KAC World Series MCP Cradle
  • 1 x Class B Input
  • EEPROM Addressed (Programmer)

Product Information

The Nittan EV-Mini IP Mini Input module is designed to monitor fire contacts, such as extinguishing system control, ventilation control, fire door control etc. 

The module provides one identifiable detection spur which is capable of monitoring multiple normally open contacts.

The EV-Mini IP can be mounted in any electrical enclosure with sufficient depth to accommodate it.

EV-Mini IP and the contacts monitored by the IN+ and IN- terminals, ie, no field wiring. 

The remote LED (if required, not supplied) must be located within the same electrical enclosure.

Address Programming

The EV-Mini IP must have its Loop Address programmed prior to installation with the EV-AD2 Programmer, using the Universal Addressing Lead (Two Pin) supplied with the EV-AD2 kit, by connecting Red pin to L+ & Black pin to L-. You can also use the EV Module Addressing Lead (Three Pin) via the Programming Port, after the device is connected to the Loop cables.

Technical Details

Type Identification Value 51
System Compatibility Use only with Evolution Fire Alarm Panels (CIE) which support this unit
Loop Voltage 20 - 38 Vdc
Environment Indoor Application only
Operating Temperature -25° to +70°C
Storage Temperature -40° to +80°C
Operating Humidity Up to 95% non-condensing
Dimensions (HWD) 57 x 48 x 13mm
Mounting Requirements Any suitable electrical enclosure
Wire Size Min 1.5mm2
Max 2.5mm2
Battery Requirements Standby Alarm: 0.46mA
(without remote LED): 0.46mA
Alarm (with remote LED): 4.5mA
Maximum Wiring Resistance Monitored Circuit: 10Ω
Addressable Device Conditions • Normal
• Active
• Short Circuit wiring fault
• Open Circuit wiring fault
• Device Type invalid
• Device No Response
Input Circuit Non Interrupt Mode
EOL - 200R
Alarm - 100R
Interrupt Mode
Alarm - 100R
Declaration of Performance 00114

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