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Fireblitz Automatic 1kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher

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Fireblitz Automatic 1kg Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher Key Features

  • Clean agent (Halon replacement).
  • Zero ozone depletion.
  • 5 year warranty.
  • Suitable for B and C class fires.
  • Safe for use on electrical equipment .
  • Supplied with powder coated, steel wire bracket.

Product Information

The 1kg BC Clean Agent Fire Extinguisher is used to protect machinery/plant and where there is a risk of fire such as in boat/vehicle engine compartments. Ideal for use in sensitive locations and are a suitable option to protect high-value assets such as precious items storage, computing technology and telecommunications facilities. This unit is designed to cover an area up to 1.7m3 enclosed volume. Only one unit should be installed in any one compartment and should provide the total protection required for that compartment. The compartment should have no unnecessary ventilation that would allow needless loss of suppressant. 

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Fireblitz
Capacity: 1kg
Total Weight: 2.14kg
Total Height: 330mm
Total width(Incl. Bracket): 95mm
Working Temprature: -20° to +60°C
Discharge Time/Tempreature: Under 10 secs @ 79°C ± 79°C + 5°C
Maximum Area Protected: 1.7 m3 enclosed volume
Operating Pressure: 12 bar @ 20°C
Maximum Burst Pressure: 55bar
Extinguishing Agent: Clean Agent (FE36)

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