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STI 6255 Mini Theft Stopper

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STI 6255 Mini Theft Stopper Key Features

  • Prevents Misuse/Theft.
  • Easy To Install.
  • 95dB Warning Alarm.
  • Highly Visible.
  • Very Reliable.
  • One year warranty

Product Information

The STI Extinguisher Stopper provides a simple and effective way to protect free-standing or cabinet mounted extinguishers from vandalism and theft, without hindering legitimate use.

Whilst designed for use with extinguishers, this compact and versatile battery-powered alarm can also be used with a variety of other fire fighting equipment.

How It Works

For free-standing extinguisher or equipment:

The Mini Theft Stopper comes with a special clip that can be used in several ways. An extinguisher’s pull pin may be routed through the holes in both prongs of the clip. The clip is then held in place by the extinguisher’s seal and when the seal is broken to use the extinguisher, the alarm sounds. The steel clip can also be placed under any type of equipment. When lifted, the alarm sounds immediately.

For cabinets housing fire extinguisher, fire hoses or sprinkler shut off valves:

The Mini Theft Stopper is mounted next to the door or in the cabinet and its red switch unit is mounted in the door jam. The matching magnet is mounted in the door in close proximity. When the door is opened the device emits a 95 dB (at 1 metre) warning alarm.

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