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Apollo Touch Screen Portable Test Set - SA7800-870APO

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Apollo Touch Screen Portable Test Set - SA7800-870APO Key Features

  • Loop connection ports for individual addressing or fault finding
  • Enables loop integrity and diagnostics testing during commissioning and maintenance
  • View device information and control functionality modes
  • Internal battery for portability. Can be charged with supplied mains charger
  • Touch screen display
  • Works with XP95, Discovery and CoreProtocol ranges

Product Information

The Apollo Test Set is a hand-held, portable test unit with a seven inch LCD touch screen display. It enables the user to interrogate, control and maintain any devices that are connected to it, whether individual or a complete circuit of devices. It also provides loop diagnostic and programming options. Software updates are easily installed in the field using built-in USB connectivity.

Supplied in a robust carry case complete with universal charger, connector cable, XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base and carry strap.


The standard view allows devices to be scanned and controlled through the manipulation of the devices output bits. Devices can also be self-tested using the test set and the different functionality modes can also be controlled.

The unit may be powered from an AC mains charger unit or from its own internal batteries. 

The loop or individual address can be connected to the unit using loop connection ports which are located on the top of the device.

The device also has the functionality to test the diagnostics and integrity of the loop to find earth faults etc. 

The device offers fault finding capabilities which allows for time spent on site to be cut down during the commissioning stage of the system installation. The result of this is time reduced on site for the end user which reduces the overall costs of installing Apollo systems.

What's in the box?

The Apollo Test Set Unit Contains:

  • The Apollo Test Set Unit 
  • A universal charger
  • Two Red connector cables 
  • Two Black connector cables 
  • Two Yellow connector cables
  • Green connector cable 
  • XPERT 8 Intelligent Mounting Base
  • Carry strap
  • Quick Start Guide

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