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Advanced MXP-549 1.5A EN54-4 Power Supply Unit & Battery Charger (Boxed - 7Ah Battery Capacity)

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Advanced MXP-549 1.5A EN54-4 PSU & Charger (Boxed - 7Ah Battery Capacity) Key Features

  • 1.5A Power Supply Unit (24v)
  • Battery Charger (7Ah Capacity)
  • EN54-4 Compliant
  • A range of power supply equipment with power output options to suit most applications.
  • High efficiency switched mode power supply
  • Compact and sleek design

Product Information

The Advanced MXP-549 is a full 24v 1.5A Power Supply Unit and Battery Charger, compliant with EN54-4 and has capacity for 7Ah batteries.

The Advanced 1.5A power supply units can be used for any fire alarm system which specifies EN54-4 power supply equipment.

Suited for almost any application, the power supply unit/battery charger has been developed using the latest surface mount technology to provide a high efficiency switch mode power supply.

The power supply units are available in fully enclosed construction providing power and fault indication or alternatively in caged versions for mounting into existing enclosures of various sizes to suit different battery capacities.

PSE and charger or PSE only options on the 3.0A and 5.0A versions.


For any fire alarm system which specifies EN54-4 power supplies (e.g. BS5839 code of practice).

These power supply units can be used in any fire alarm installation requiring a 24Volt supply for operation.

Technical Details

Approvals All power supply units are approved with the requirements of BS EN54-4 1998, EN55022 class B emissions
limits & EN60950: 2000 safety standards.
Input Supply 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz, fuse T3.15H250
Output Voltage Max 28.5V DC, Min 18.5V DC at minimum battery voltage of 19V with mains disconnected
Charger voltage 27.4V DC nominal at 20°C temperature compensated over the range -5°C to +45°C
Output Current 1.0A continuous load, 0.5A battery charge
Dimensions Boxed H x
W x D mm
263 x 246 x 85
Environment Indoor, dry
Fault Output Volt-free change-over contacts rated 1A @ 30V dc
On Board Indication Mains Fail, Charger Fail, Battery Open Circuit, Battery Low & Heartbeat

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