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Apollo Orbis Optical Smoke Detector with Flashing LED - ORB-OP-12003-APO

Product Code: ORB-OP-12003-APO

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Apollo Orbis Optical Smoke Detector w/ Flashing LED - ORB-OP-12003-APO Key Features

  • Includes Flashing LED: The integral LED flashes when the detector is in a quiescent state
  • Responds well to slowburning, smouldering fires
  • Good performance in both black and white smoke
  • Transient rejection algorithms reduce false alarms
  • Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert®, a yellow flashing LED, to easily identify dirty detectors
  • Red flashing LED at StartUp confirms the device is operating.
  • SensAlert®, yellow flashing LED indicates faulty operation
  • FasTest® takes just four seconds to test and confirm detectors are functioning correctly
  • DustDefy system prevents dust ingress while maintaining airflow
  • Mounting Bases are sold separately (click here to see compatible bases)

Product Information

The Orbis Optical Smoke Detector operates on the well-established light scatter principle. The sensing technology used is radically different from previous optical detectors and significantly reduces false alarms.


Orbis operates on the well established light scatter principle. The remarkable optical design of the Orbis optical smoke detector allows it to respond to a wide spectrum of fires.

The sensing chamber of the Orbis optical smoke detector contains an optical sensor which measures back-scattered light as well as the more usual forward-scattered light. Sensitivity to black smoke is greatly improved.

The detector is calibrated so that Orbis is highly reliable in detecting fires but is much less likely to generate false alarms than earlier smoke detectors.

The stability of the detector–high reliability, low false alarm rate–is further increased by the use of algorithms to decide when the detector should change to the alarm state. This removes the likelihood of a detector producing an alarm as a result of smoke from smoking materials or from another non-fire source.


Orbis detectors have drift compensation to compensate for changes caused by the environment. The most usual change is contamination.

If the detector is dirty to the point where it can no longer compensate, its LED will flash yellow while it is in StartUp.


When Orbis detectors are powered up they automatically enter a phase known as StartUp and in which they stay for 4 minutes. After this they revert to normal operation. If the detector is reset, ie, if power is disconnected for one second or longer, the detector will always enter StartUp for the first four minutes after power has been restored. The detector LED flashes red once a second to indicate that it is in StartUp.

What StartUp indicates:

StartUp is used to check that the positive and negative cables are connected in the correct polarity and that power has been applied to the detector. If this is the case, the LED will flash red once a second.

StartUp will not check whether the IN+ and OUT+ connections have been transposed. This is not a problem if standard bases are used as the detector will operate normally.

If, however, diode bases are used and a detector is removed from a base with transposed positive connections none of the detectors beyond this point will operate.


Orbis detectors incorporate a test facility known as FasTest®, a facility which is automatically available during StartUp and which modifies algorithms so that testing is possible within 4 seconds.

Environmental Characteristics

Orbis optical detectors operate over a broad range of voltages at extremes of temperature. Thus the operating voltage is 8.5V to 33V at –40° to +70°C, a unique achievement for a conventional smoke detector.

Mounting Bases are sold separately (click here to see compatible bases)

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Apollo
Product Code: ORB-OP-12003-APO
Sampling Frequency: Once every 4 seconds
Supply Voltage: 8.5 - 33V DC
Supply Wiring: 2 wires, polarity sensitive
Maximum Polarity Reversal: 200ms
Power-up Time <20 Seconds
Switch on Surge Current at 24V 95μA
Average Quiescent Current at 24V 95μA
Alarm Current: 12 Volts: 20mA - 24 Volts: 40mA
Alarm Load: 600Ω
Alarm Reset Time: 1 Second
Material: Detector and base moulded in white polycarbonate
Alarm Indicator: Integral indicator with 360° visibility
Dimensions: 97mm (Diameter) x 31mm (Height) - 100mm D x 46mm H (IN BASE)
Weight: Detector: 75g - Detector in Base: 135g
Temperature: Operating & Storage Temp. -40°C to +70°C
Humidity: 0% to 98% relative humidity (no condensation)
Wind Speed: Unaffected by wind
Atmospheric Pressure: Insensitive to pressure
IP Rating to EN 60529:1992: 23D

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