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Apollo Series 65 12V Relay Detector Base

Apollo Series 65 12V Relay Detector Base - 45681-508APO

Product Code: 45681-508APO

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Apollo Series 65 12V Relay Detector Base - 45681-508APO Key Features

  • Detector locking mechanism
  • One-way fit
  • Easy to wire
  • Contains an earth connector
  • Can be used in fire and security systems

Product Information

The Series 65 12V Relay Base is designed for use in both fire and security systems. For fire systems a jumper on the PCB is fitted to a ‘latching’ position. For security systems the jumper is moved to another position so that the base is ‘non-latching’.

Electrical Description

The 12V Relay Base is operated by the detector and must therefore be fitted with a Series 65 smoke or heat detector to function. 

The base is designed to operate over a voltage range of 9V to 15V dc. 

The negative line is connected to the L1 IN and L1 OUT on the moulding terminals. The positive line is connected to IN+ and OUT+ on the terminal block.  

Note: Do not connect any external wire to the –R terminal as this may prevent the relay base from functioning correctly.


Series 65 Relay Bases are primarily intended for use with control units using 4-wire detector supply and alarm initiating circuits. Where local codes allow, they may also be used in 2 and 4-wire circuits to provide volt-free control signals to an auxiliary system such as an automatic door closer. 

They are not suitable for use in systems where it is specified or required that operation of the auxiliary system shall be fail-safe and must not be used with any other type of detector.

Mechanical Construction

The base is a white self-extinguishing polycarbonate moulding with zero-force nickel-plated steel terminals for attaching the detector. 

The moulding has an aperture to accept the locking grub screw built into the detector case. All electronic components, including the relay, are mounted on a PCB which is retained by two screws in the moulding.

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