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Apollo Orbis TimeSaver Deep Base - ORB-MB-00019-APO

Product Code: ORB-MB-00019-APO

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Apollo Orbis TimeSaver Deep Base - ORB-MB-00019-APO Key Features

  • Grouped terminals to make wiring easy
  • Two fixing centres
  • LED alignment mark
  • Cable stripping guide
  • Detector locking mechanism
  • Enables surface wiring

Product Information

The TimeSaver® Deep Base is a mounting base for Orbis products which has an increased depth allowing for cables to be inserted into the side of the product.

The TimeSaver® Base is a design that provides installers with an open working area with fixing holes shaped to allow a fast mounting procedure.


Orbis has been designed to make installation fast and simple. The E-Z fit fixing holes are shaped to allow a simple three-step mounting procedure:

• Fit two screws to the mounting box or surface 
• Place the Orbis base over the screws and slide home 
• Tighten the screws

The base offers two fixing centres at 51 and 60mm.

A guide on the base interior indicates the length of cable to be stripped. Five terminals are provided for the cables, four being grouped together for ease of termination.

The terminals are:

• positive IN 
• positive OUT 
• negative IN and OUT (common terminal) 
• remote LED negative connection 
• functional earth (screen)

The terminal screws are captive screws and will not fall out of the terminals. The base is supplied with the screws unscrewed in order to avoid unnecessary work for the installer.

The end-of-line resistor or active device should be connected between the OUT+ and COM– terminals.

If it is required that all detectors be fitted with their LEDs facing the same direction the bases must be fitted to the ceiling observing the marking on the exterior which indicates the position of the LED.

In many installations bases with diodes are specified in order that an active end-of-line device may be fitted. Diode bases are marked ‘OD’. Loop continuity testing is facilitated as there is a continuity device in the base. The continuity device enables power to pass through every base in a loop to ensure that each is connected correctly.

Once a detector is fitted to the base the continuity device is automatically locked permanently open so that the power flows through the detectors.


When the bases have been installed and the system wiring tested, the detector circuits can be populated.

Two methods are suggested:

1. Apply power and fit the detectors one by one, starting at the base nearest the panel and working towards the end of the circuit. As each detector is powered up it will enter ‘StartUp’ and flash red. If the LED does not flash, check the wiring polarity on the base and ensure there is power across IN+ and COM–. If the LED is flashing yellow the detector is not operating correctly and may require maintenance or replacing.

2. Fit all detectors to the circuit, apply power and check detectors by observing the LED status of each device. The StartUp feature lasts for 4 minutes so it may be necessary to reset or de-power the circuit to allow all detectors to be observed. The LED status is the same as method 1.

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