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FireAngel Wi-Safe 2 Low Frequency Sounder

Product Code: W2-LFS-630

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FireAngel Wi-Safe 2 Low Frequency Sounder Key Features

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact us for advice on suitable alternatives.

  • Improves sounder decibel levels in a property (especially in areas without detection).
  • Low frequency Sounder improves probability of property users hearing alarm.
  • Emits a 85dB sounder at 3 metres .
  • red ‘alarm’ LED will also illuminate.
  • Simple two buttons operation to Wirelessly interconnect with other Wi-Safe 2 Alarms.
  • Mains Powered with Sealed Rechargeable Battery Back-up.
  • Sounder can be Fixed to the Wall or Free Standing.
  • The sounder will show if there is a fault.
  • Pressing the test button will test smoke alarms in the network which is ideal for people with limited physical ability.

Product Information

FireAngel's Wi-Safe 2 Low Frequency Sounder utilizes its audio technology to create additional sounder levels when installed on with FireAngel Wi-Safe products by sounding a low frequency alarm, much more likely to wake Children, people with mild to moderate hearing loss and people under the influence of alcohol.

Compatible Alarms: 

The below devices are compatible with the  FireAngel W2-LFS-630:

Model Number Model Type Interconnection Type
WST-630 Smoke Detector Radio Interlink
WHT-630 Heat Detector Radio Interlink
W2-CO-10X Carbon Monoxide Detector Radio Interlink
W2-SVP-630 Combined Strobe & Vibrating Pad  Radio Interlink

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Sprue
Product Code: W2-LFS-630
Sound Output: 520Hz square wave of 85dB
Operating Temperature: -4 °C to +38 °C
Dimensions: W:198 x H:108 x D:58mm

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