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Kidde FirePhant Fire Extinguisher (DISCONTINUED)

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Kidde FirePhant Fire Extinguisher (DISCONTINUED) Key Features

This product has now been discontinued. Please contact us for advice on suitable alternatives.

  • Award-winning innovative design
  • BS EN3 approved, CE marked
  • Outstanding quality
  • Can use for A, B and C fires
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Suitable for offices, houses, boats or caravans
  • Patented bracket included

Product Information

The Firephant is a brand new fire extinguisher and, it is safe to say, the most beautiful on the market. Due to its new slick design and size, the extinguisher can be displayed in a variety of environments and look stylish. 

Dubbed as "The Most Beautiful Fire Extinguisher in the World," its award winning design exceeds expectations you would have for a standard fire extinguisher. The Firephant's unique look is a pleasure to have on display and blends in aside any item of interior decoration, but the stylish design does not reduce its fire fighting capabilities. Furthermore, it allows easy single handed use when needed in an emergency and is a life-saving piece of equipment.  

To use the extinguisher there is a simple but secure function - a button that, when pressed, releases powder and ensures effective protection to put out a fire.

“The Firephant lends the fire extinguisher a fascinating new design vocabulary. It is as self-explanatory as it is easy to use, and it is ready to use at a moment's notice in an emergency. This fire extinguisher transforms a product that was previously stored hidden away into a colourful object that makes a symbolic statement."

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Kidde
Product Code: FPR1KG
Weight: 2380g
Colour: Red
Fire Class: A, B and C
Certifications: CE, DIN EN3

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