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FireAngel WG-1 Wi-Safe Gateway

Product Code: WG1

Customer Rating: 3 stars

FireAngel WG-1 Wi-Safe Gateway Key Features

Please Note:This product has now been discontinued and is no longer available for purchase Click Here to see replacement product.

  • Cloud based dashboard to help monitor all compatible devices.
  • Connect up to 50 other Wi-Safe 2 devices from the FireAngel/ Sona Range.
  • Remote System Monitoring on your smart device or desktop for connected devices.
  • Connect to Internet via an Ethernet Cable Hub.
  • Up-to-date, real-time diagnostics.
  • Perfect for Landlords or Houses with Domestic Alarms.

Product Information

Easily control and manage your entire domestic alarm system with the WG-1 Gateway from FireAngel. Connect up to 50 Wi-Safe 2 enabled devices to the cloud and stay up-to-date with notifications and alerts in real time via the app and desktop based management system.

Monitoring & Diagnostics

Once linked to the WG-1 Gateway, domestic devices can be monitored and managed remotely. Receive diagnostics straight to your phone, tablet or PC detailing the status of; 

  • Battery Life
  • Levels of Contamination
  • Sensor Status
  • Connectivity
  • When the Device was Last Tested

Intuitive UI

Available separately, A user controlled dashboard, app service and desktop installer wizard make monitoring all your Wi-Safe 2 detection units easy from any device.

Technical Details

Manufacturer: FireAngel
Product Code: WG-1
Power Supply: 230V Mains Powered, 5V DC, 1.5A
Technology: Wi-Safe 2
Internet Connection: Ethernet
Installation: Free Standing/ Wall
Number of Connected Devices: 50 Units
Compatibility: Compatible with all products with Wi-Safe 2
Tested to: EN 301 220-2 V 2.4.1/ EN 301 489-3 V 1.6.1/ EN 301 489-1 V 1.9.2
Range: 35m
Dimensions: DIA:125mm x D:31mm
Manufacturers Warranty Period: 2 Years

Customer Reviews

  • from Aberdeen Rating:5 stars

    I put that damming review up above, however. Since posting FSD & Fireangle both got back to me and the problems I was having have been identified. There instructions are a tad thin and could usefully be embellished. 1. the MAC Number that they ask you to put in is the number on the WG1 inside the cover so dont close it or go asking your internet provider for your MAC No. as that is a different one. Any way when working it did very quickly what it was supposed to do and found a number of faulty units which could be the reason for all the fails alarms. Seeing what is happening at home on your phone is something I think we are all going to get used to.

  • from Scotland Rating:1 stars

    4 months on we have still not been able to successfully set up our system. Support from Fireangel has been very poor and inconsistent in responding to issues. This is the latest blockage in trying to get it to work: Trying to add new devices to gateway being told "To add a new device, you must accept the terms and conditions sent to you via email. This list will update once the terms have been accepted." Have not received email it's been 3 days. Please advise next steps. Thank you, Andrew MacLeod If this is not resolved quickly then I will be requesting a full refund.

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