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Aico Ei169/160 Hard Wired Alarm Kit for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Product Code: Ei169/160

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Aico Ei169/160 Hard Wired Alarm Kit for the Deaf & Hard of Hearing Key Features

This product has now been discontinued and superseded by the Ei170RF. Please Click Here to see the upgraded version (Ei170RF).

  • Flashing strobe light and vibrating pillow pad
  • Alerts deaf or hard of hearing users when there is an alarm activation
  • Mains powered with back up battery
  • Suitable for hard-wired interconnection with compatible Aico alarms
  • Test button
  • CE marked
  • 5 year warranty

Product Information

The Aico 169/160 Alarm Kit comprises a flashing strobe light and vibrating pillow pad, for alerting deaf or hard of hearing users when any interconnected alarms are activated. It is mains powered, with a rechargeable lead acid back-up battery which will give approximately 7 days of power in the event of a mains power failure. It may be interconnected via hard-wiring with other compatible Aico alarms.

The strobe uses an intense Xenon tube which flashes once every second (1Hz), and is supplied with fixing screws that are suitable for wall mounting. The vibrating pillow pad can be mounted under pillows or mattresses, where it will vibrate strongly in a pulsing pattern suitable for waking sleeping occupants. There is a 'Test' button on the side of the unit, and power indicator lights on the front of the unit that can be used to confirm whether it is operating from mains power or its back-up battery. It also features an auxiliary 3.5mm mono jack plug socket on the top of the unit for connecting an alarm clock (5 to 24V AC or DC output), eliminating the need for multiple vibration pads, plus another auxiliary socket for connecting an additional vibrating pad or strobe if required.

It is CE marked, with a manufacturer's warranty period of 5 years.

Hard-Wired Interconnection

The Ei169/160 is compatible with the Multi-Sensor Fire Alarm Ei2110e, 160e Series alarms and 140RC Series smoke and heat alarms, along with any interconnected carbon monoxide alarms.

Technical Details

Manufacturer: Aico
Product Code: Ei169/160
Dimensions: H: 105mm W: 165mm D: 50mm
Product Weight: 1910g
Power Supply: 230V AC, 50Hz transformer supplied
Battery Back-Up: Rechargeable lead acid battery 12V, 0.8Ah
Interconnection: Hard-wired
Operating Temperature Range: 0°C to +40°C
Storage Temperature Range: 0°C to +35°C (in dry area)
Operating Humidity Range: 0-90% RH
Approvals CE Marked
Manufacturer's Warranty Period: 5 years

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