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Aico Ei225EN 230v Mains Powered Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Aico Ei225EN Mains Carbon Monoxide Alarm Key Features

This product has now been discontinued and superseded by the Ei3018. Please Click Here to see the upgraded version (Ei3018).

  • Proven Electrochemical Sensor.
  • Memory feature records if CO has been detected previously.
  • Easy use Test/Hush Button.
  • Pre alarm LED gives early warning of CO.
  • Advanced Suppression and Calibration technology.
  • Loud distinctive alarm sound (85db at 3 meters).
  • Power, alarm and fault indicator lights.
  • Kitemarked to BSEN50291:2001.
  • 5 Year Manufacturers Guarantee.

Product Information

About the Aico Ei225EN:

The Aico EI225EN mains powered carbon monoxide detector uses a proven electrochemical cell type sensor which checks CO concentration every 50 seconds.

The alarm circuitry is automatically monitored and warns if a fault develops. A Test/Hush button confirms that the horn and electronics are working and silences alarms caused by transient CO levels. The alarm will automatically sound again after 4 minutes if high levels of CO are still present. Additionally a memory feature records if CO has been detected whilst the occupier was away.

To assist landlords with multiple CO installations, testing with CO gas has been made much easier with the Quick CO Test Mode feature. This reduces the waiting time for testing from as much as 5 minutes down to approximately 20 seconds per alarm, a significant time and cost saving on a large installation.

Aico Ei225EN Operation Guide:

  • The green light will illuminate to show power is present.
  • The alarm will sound and the red indicator will flash at different speeds to indicate the presence of various levels of CO gas.
  • The alarm will beep and the amber indicator will flash every 40 seconds to indicate a fault on the sensor 
  • The ‘Test/Hush’ button will either silence false alarms (if briefly pressed) or perform a unit self test (if pressed and held). Note that the alarm cannot be silenced when sensing  a CO level of 300ppm or above 
  • Memory Feature—after the unit as been in alarm, the red indicator will flash every 40 seconds at a rate indicating the CO level previously detected.

Technical Details

Manufacturer : Aico
Product Code: Ei225EN
Approved To: BS EN 50291:2001.
Product Weight: 230g
Sound Output: 85dB (minimum) at 3m
Dimensions: W:105 x H:135 x D:42mm
Sensitivity: 50 PPM (Parts Per Million)
Power Supply: Mains Powered 230V AC
Operating Temperature Range: -10°C to +40°C (14°F - 104°F).
Operating Humidity Range: 15% - 95% Relative Humidity (RH)
Manufacturers Warranty Period: 5 Years

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