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Solo 900 Electronic Smoke Test & Removal

Solo 900 Electronic Smoke Detector Test & Removal Kit - 9 Metres

Product Code: Solo 900-001

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Solo 900 Electronic Smoke Test & Removal Kit (9m) Key Features

  • Enables easy testing of smoke detectors up to 9 metres
  • ‘Auto-start’ – proximity sensor automatically initiates test
  • Flexible head – easy testing of hard-to-access detectors
  • LED Auto-torch for testing in dark areas
  • Clearing mode – for eliminating re-alarms
  • Fast detector activation
  • Uses non-pressurised, non-hazardous smoke cartridges
  • Optional ASD Adaptor allows for testing of ASD systems

Product Information

The Solo 365 is lighter to use, quicker to test, suitable for more applications and almost impossible to over-apply – eliminating the risk of detector contamination. 

This new method of smoke generation takes Solo – the industry’s most trusted brand – to the next level. Solo 365 offers everything the industry expects from the Solo brand, pairing it with the very latest technology and wrapping it in a new modern slim-line design and incorporates non-hazardous, non-pressurised cartridges.  

Engineered to be compatible with the increasing number of sophisticated detectors now available, Solo 365 also overcomes the regulatory issues associated with pressurised aerosol canisters.

This Kit Includes:

1 x Solo 365 Head Unit

1 x Solo 370 Lithium Ion Battery Pack

1 x Solo 371 Smoke Generator

1 x Solo ES3 Smoke Cartridge

1 x Spare 1060 Charger & USB Lead

1 x Solo 100 Access Pole

1 x Solo 101 Extension Pole

1 x Solo 200 Universal Detector Removal Tool

1 x Solo 610 Storage Bag

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