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Scorpion 2001 ASD Head Unit & Mounting B

Scorpion 2001 ASD Head Unit & Mounting Bracket

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Scorpion 2001 ASD Head Unit & Mounting Bracket Key Features

  • Smoke tailored for functional testing of ASD systems
  • Adjustable smoke time to suit requirements of system under test
  • Suitable for Light Scatter, Particle Counting & Cloud Chamber technologies
  • Transport time function allows monitoring of on-going ASD system performance
  • Tests hard-to-access detectors
  • Ideal for lift shafts, ceiling voids, secure rooms and high atria
  • Cost saving – no need for additional access equipment or third party personnel
  • Time saving – less time spent organising and carrying out testing
  • Compliance – ensures all detectors can be tested as required by standards

Product Information

A variety of methods exist for functional ASD testing.  None of these are specifically designed for purpose and as a result often provide inconsistent results.

Gaining access to test aspirating smoke detection systems cannot only be disruptive – but can also require significant time and cost to arrange and carry out. Our Scorpion solution changes this, offering a consistent and reliable method of testing without disruption and the additional time and cost usually associated with testing.

The Scorpion head unit is permanently mounted adjacent to a sampling point on an ASD system pipe – typically at the end of the run. Just one head unit is required for each pipe run – regardless of the number of sampling points.

What is Scorpion?

Scorpion is an innovative solution for functionally testing any hard-to-access smoke detector, whether that is a point detector or aspirating smoke detection (ASD) system.

A Scorpion head unit is a smoke generator which is installed next to a detector, and when required, generates smoke which is directed towards the detector for a functional test of the device. 

Scorpion makes testing detectors in lift shafts, warehouses, factories, or secure areas as simple as testing a detector within easy reach. It aids compliance with international codes and standards, and means that all detectors in a building can be functionally tested at every maintenance interval, regardless of their physical location.

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How Does Scorpion Work?

By introducing smoke right where it is needed, Scorpion is able to activate point detectors or ASD systems with minimal inconvenience.

Scorpion is a micro smoke generator permanently installed adjacent to a point detector or a sampling hole on an ASD pipe – typically at the furthest sampling hole. The smoke generator is connected to a Scorpion Control Panel, or Access Point mounted at a convenient, easy to access location at ground level. Functional testing of the smoke detector is then easily and safely achieved from the Scorpion Control Panel, or Access Point (with an Engineer’s Controller) whenever required.

The Scorpion system has an in-built transport timer to help assess the on-going integrity of the ASD system from the end of the pipe right down to the detector itself. A clearing function is used to clear the smoke out of point detectors to reduce the chance of repeat alarms, increasing productivity on site.

Scorpion can be retro-fitted to existing systems or be installed with new systems. Each head unit has a test capability in excess of 240 tests of 15 seconds of smoke each. Up to 8 Scorpion heads can be connected to a single wall mounted Control Panel, or for fewer detectors in multiple locations using Access Points together with Engineer’s Controller.

Cost Saving Benefits

Detectors in hard to access locations are often costly to test and maintain. They require specialist access equipment, potentially the presence of a third party company and often more than one engineer. All of which takes time as well as money to arrange.

Time Saving Benefits

Installing Scorpion dramatically reduces the time taken to test hard to access detectors. Scorpion allows these detectors to be tested easily as part of the routine test during the engineer's visit – without the need for a return visit out of hours and without the time taken to directly access the detector.


All detectors, regardless of location, should be tested and maintained in compliance with international codes and standards. Installing Scorpion supports this and eliminates the need for deviations from such standards – offering ultimate peace of mind and proof that all detectors within a building are functioning as expected.

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