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C-TEC Loop Powered Hush Button (XP95/Dis

C-TEC Loop Powered Hush Button (XP95/Discovery Protocol) (XFP508X)

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C-TEC Loop Powered Hush Button (XP95/Discovery Protocol) (XFP508X) Key Features

  • An award-winning fire alarm solution for flats, apartments, HMOs and more.
  • Provides an individual HMO dwelling with its own 2-minute silence facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2b) & 15-minute isolate facility (to BS 5839-6/12.2a).
  • Designed to sit on a communal addressable fire panel’s loop and to communicate its status back to the host panel for building management.
  • Has its own conventional detector circuit, conventional sounder circuit & loop isolator.
  • Fully monitored for open & short circuit faults.
  • Mounts on a standard UK 25mm double gang back box.
  • Derives its power from the analogue loop.
  • Selectable 12.5mA, 20mA or 30mA Alarm current (allows up to 20 hush buttons per loop, dependent on loop drive current)
  • Reduces false alarms and the likelihood of unnecessary building evacuations, system vandalism and the possibility of true alarms being ignored.

Product Information

C-TEC's Hush Button was specifically designed to reduce the incidence of false alarms in houses of multiple occupation by providing reliable, fully monitored fire detection, alarm and silencing facilities INSIDE each individual flat or apartment.

It can be looked upon as a miniature loop-powered single zone fire alarm controller that sits and is addressed on an XP95, Discovery or Xplorer analogue loop (see schematic above) with the ability to communicate its status back to the host panel.

Typically one Hush Button is fitted in each dwelling complete with conventional detectors and conventional sounders to provide occupants with a simple means of invoking two types of ‘hushed’ period - see Hush Button Operation section below.

By providing occupants with this level of control over their fire alarm systems, it helps reduce false alarms and prevent unnecessary building evacuations, system vandalism and the likelihood of a true alarm signal being ignored.

Technical Details

Protocol/compatibility Compatible with C-TEC's XFP/ZFP XP95/Discovery Addressable Fire Panels. To communicate with the host fire panel, the XFP508X requires 2 addresses, one so it can be recognised as a Zone Monitor, another as a Sounder Control Unit.
Power requirements 22-40V DC (derived from the host panel's Apollo XP95/Discovery addressable loop).
Quiescent current 5mA.
No. of detector zone circuits 1.
Max. detector circuit length 100m.
Call point resistor value Manual call points must be fitted with a 330Ω resistor in order to immediately trigger the host panel on operation. Note one 330Ω resistor is supplied in the Hush Button's accessory pack.
Max. devices per detector zone 10 (any mix of detectors and manual call points).
No. of conventional sounder circuits 1.
Max. sounder circuit length 100m.
EOL resistor value 6800Ω 5% Tol. 0/25W (blue, grey, red, gold).
Alarm current 30mA, 20mA or 12.5mA (selectable via PLK2 output selector link).
Max. sounder output current 30mA.
Indicators ‘Supply present’ LED; ‘Local alarm’ LED; ‘Hushed’ LED (Lit steady when in the Hushed state, flashes during the last 15 seconds of any Hushed period); 'Fault' LED. Also includes a beeper that sounds during the last 15 seconds of any Hushed period.
Product dimensions (mm) 146 W x 85 H x 21 D mm (Can be mounted on a standard UK 25mm double gang flush or surface back box).
Construction & finish Supplied on a double gang plastic plate.
IP Rating IP40.
Weight 120g.
Operating conditions/temperature -5ºC to +40ºC. Max relative humidity: 95%.

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