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SafeFireDirect Support Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week

Posted on 19 of November 2014



SafeFireDirect support Carbon Monoxide Awareness Week.
17th to 23rd November 2014.
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As of 28th July 2014 in the UK 47 People have died and 722 people have been hospitalised by Carbon Monoxide Poisioning.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness week, which runs from 17th to 23rd November 2014, is designed to raise awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide which SafeFireDirect firmly supports.

Join together with other people, organisations and businesses in your own community to help raise awareness of the danger of carbon monoxide. Join the charity "Carbon Monoxide Awareness” and be part of their national campaign and help those living or working in your community to learn more about the danger of carbon monoxide.

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