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Protect Your Tenants And Property

Posted on 28 of May 2013


Landlords have a responsibility to the safety of their tenants and as well as their properties. Where rental of a property is concerned the need for protection is clear. Faulty wiring, an undiscovered gas leak – even a tenant who mistakenly leaves a hob, burner or electrical heater on – could be all that's needed to provide the perfect environment for a very dangerous situation.

Ensuring you provide your tenants with the right equipment is crucial. It's also important that you ensure you are aware as to what is legally required of you as a landlord. The Housing Act (2004) and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 are the areas of law which specifically deal with fire safety and, as property owners, landlords have a legal duty to comply.

The most wide-reaching obligation of landlords is to ensure that a property has adequate means of escape, but in the case of shared and HMO (house in multiple occupancy) properties, there comes further requirements to ensure that both The Housing Act and the Regulatory Reform Order are met.

For advice on the fire-safety requirements of your specific property, your local government offices and your local Housing Officer (or Environmental Health Department) can provide the essential information required. Additionally, 2008's national guidelines on fire safety, published by Local Government Regulation (formerly LACORS – Local Authorities Coordinators of Regulatory Services) is very useful indeed.

More information on the guidelines can be found on the Local Government Regulation website. The information includes reminders on the necessity of fire risk assessments and the principals of fire risks. But of particular interest for landlords may be 'Part D' of the guidelines; these focus on fire safety solutions in “various categories of  premises”.

In this section is a wealth of information regarding both the types of practical precautions landlords can take, and the fire safety products which are of benefit for specific premises. Combined with information from your local government Housing Officer, or a certified fire safety professional, you can ensure that your tenants, your property, and your investments are properly protected.

Of course our home/landlord/tenant safety packs meet current regulations and are a solid start to improving the fire-safety of your property. And should additional equipment, signage or detection products be required, we can deliver there too.

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