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Installing Fire Extinguishers

Fire extinguishers should be installed in accordance with British Standard 5306.

How should our Extinguishers be Fitted?

There are two options when fitting Fire Extinguishers.

Wall Mounted ExtinguisherFire Extinguisher Stands 1: Wall Mounted: Fire Extinguishers can be fitted on suitable wall brackets using suitable fixings for the type of wall (i.e. raw plugs for brick walls or plasterboard fixings for stud walls). Wall Mounted Fire Extinguishers should be installed at approx 750mm from ground level to the top of the handle.

2: Fire Extinguisher Stands: Where the fire extinguisher cannot be wall fixed they should be fitted on suitable stands on the ground.

Fire Extinguishers should never be left on the floor as they can be easily damaged.

How many extinguishers do we require in our property?

As a general rule of thumb a fire extinguisher should be installed by the fire exits from an area and any building occupant should not have to travel more than 45m in any direction to reach a fire extinguisher without going through a door or into another area – this rule of thumb should only be used as guidance and not as a statutory requirement.

Fire extinguishers should not be installed in areas where they could hinder the evacuation of persons within the property or where there is no risk (i.e. a concrete / stone rear staircase which is rarely used should not have fire extinguishers installed)

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