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Technical Booklet L - CO Alarms Mandatory in Northern Ireland

From the 31st October 2012 Technical Booklet L will come into operation and make carbon monoxide alarms a legal requirement in Northern Ireland. Technical Booklets are published by the Department of Finance and Personnel and provide construction methods that, if followed, will be deemed-to-satisfy the requirements of the Building Regulations (Northern Ireland).

Visit the DFPNI site to see the full Technical Booklet.

What exactly do I need to do?

If you live in or own a property in Northern Ireland, From 31st October 2012, when any new or replacement combustion appliance, not designed solely for cooking purposes (e.g. a heating boiler), is installed in a dwelling, a carbon monoxide (CO) alarm should be provided in the room where the appliance is located.

However, if the combustion appliance is installed in a room or space not normally used e.g. a boiler cupboard, the CO alarm should be located just outside that room or space. This should allow the alarm to be heard more easily.

What type of carbon monoxide alarm do I need to fit?

Carbon monoxide alarms should comply with BS EN 50291 and be powered by a battery designed to operate for the working life of the alarm (sealed for life battery).

Mains-powered carbon monoxide alarms may be used as alternative applications provided they are fitted with a sensor failure warning device.