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List of UK Carbon Monoxide Charities

At Safe Fire Direct, we're all too aware of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning. We support anyone who can help to promote the message about CO detection and safety. Below are some of the main Carbon Monoxide Charities and their contact details.

The Carbon Monoxide and Gas Safety Society

CO-Gas Safety is an independent registered charity which works to try to reduce accidents from Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning and other gas dangers. We lobby for changes, which will help to achieve this. We also help and advise victims whenever we can.

T: 01372 466 135
W: www.co-gassafety.co.uk
E: office@co-gassafety.co.uk


The Carbon Monoxide Consumer Awareness Alliance (COCAA) was set up in response to the needs and recommendations made by the 2006 report from The All Party Parliamentary Gas Safety Group. COCAA aims to be the leading authority on Carbon Monoxide poisoning awareness and campaigning.

T: 0870 401 2254
W: www.becarbonmonoxideaware.com
E: media@cocca.co.uk


CO-Awareness is a registered charity that supports the many victims of Carbon Monoxide poisoning, their families and friends. They campaign for greater awareness to the dangers of carbon monoxide and lobby for changes in the legislation covering the manufacture, installation and servicing of Gas, Oil, Coal and Wood appliances.

T: 07715 899296
W: www.covictim.org
E: lynn@covictim.org

Katie Haines

Katie Haines was 31 when just two months after her wedding, she died tragically of accidental Carbon Monoxide poisoning at her home. The Katie Haines Memorial Trust was founded in 2010 by Katie's husband Richard and her family to promote awareness of the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.

T: 020 7493 7939
W: www.katiehaines.com
E: info@katiehaines.com

Gis a hug foundation

The Gis A Hug Foundation is a Charity founded in the memory of Neil McFerran and Aaron Davidson, who died from CO poisoning. They educate the public generally and specific groups in particular, such as landlords, about the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. They raise awareness of the importance of having a carbon monoxide monitor in every home.

T: 07592395326
W: www.gisahugfoundation.co.uk
E: info@gisahugfoundation.co.uk

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Carbon Monoxide Safety is for a new programme launched by The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents and Gas Safe Charity to raise awareness of the "silent killer" - carbon monoxide - which will see 10,000 families receiving a free CO detector and many more receiving safety information.

T: 07787 255314
W: www.carbonmonoxidesafety.org.uk
E: amartin@rospa.com