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How and where to install a Carbon Monoxide Detector

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How to install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

Installing a Carbon Monoxide Detector & Alarm is a simple DIY task, with most detectors only requiring a couple of screws, with some requiring no installation being free-standing. It approximately takes around 5 minutes to install a CO detector to the wall.

Where to install a Carbon Monoxide Alarm:

The below is a guideline to installing a Carbon Monoxide alarm, but you should follow the instructions for your specific unit, supplied with all our detectors.

• It is recommended, if you are buying a single Carbon Monoxide detector, this detector should be placed next to sleeping areas, where the alarm will be loud enough to wake up every person sleeping in the premises, as you are most vulnerable when sleeping.

• If you are buying more than one Carbon Monoxide Detector, you should place one next to the sleeping areas, and the others next to potential sources within the premises.

• A carbon monoxide detector should be at a horizontal distance of between 1m and 3m from the potential source.

• A carbon monoxide Detector should be at least 150mm from the ceiling if fitted on a wall. Apparatus located in sleeping rooms or located in rooms remote from the fuel-burning appliance should be located relatively close to the breathing zone of the occupants.

• A carbon monoxide detector should also be placed close to sleeping areas particully if the risk is confined to that room, where the audible alarm is loud enough to wake up every person sleeping within the risk area.

• If the carbon monoxide detector is fitted on a ceiling, it should be at least 300mm from any wall and any ceiling obstruction e.g. light fittings.

What are the potential sources of Carbon Monoxide?

It is a Department of Health recommendation, the following items of risk should all be protected by a carbon monoxide detector.

• Sleeping Areas

• Stoves

• Fires and Boilers

• Water Heaters

• Paraffin Heaters

• General Gas Wall Heaters

• LPG Gas Appliances in Caravans & Boats