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We use a secure SSL certificate

Comodo, SSL Certificates build on the existing SSL certificate format. To ensure the ongoing integrity of the process, revocation measures are specified that allow for the quick and effective revocation of improperly issued or misused certificates. Leading Relying-Party Application Software Suppliers support SSL, which allows the browser to inspect and verify the identity of the Web site owner to the user.

What Checks Are Performed ?

  • The domain name (web address) ownership is confirmed.
  • Authentication of the company contact requesting the certificate.
  • Verification of the business with government or third party business registries.
  • Other methods to assure the legal and physical existence of the business.

SFD use Sagepay, the secure payment gateway.

How Does This Make Your Transaction with SFD Safer ?

Sagepay is required to provide full and detailed quarterly updates to both Visa and MasterCard on SFD PCI compliance.

Our Customer Security Promise

  • We have built, and will continue to maintain a secure network for our customers.
  • We will protect your data at all times.
  • We have implemented strong access control measures.
  • We will regularly monitor and test our networks to ensure their on-going strength.
  • We make information security our top priority.
  • We NEVER share information with anyone.
  • We NEVER store your card details, either on our website or at our premises.